• About

  • Cameo Investigations was formed by Audra Coleman. In a short period of time, our agency received opportunities to successfully handle critical matters for clients within the legal, insurance, corporate and financial communities. Our agency has excelled primarily because we operate in a direct, result-oriented manner and are dedicated to handling assignments for Clients with Integrity, Accountability and Confidentiality.

    In conversations with our Client, we consider:

    1. Legality
    2. Manageability
    3. Cost effectiveness
    4. Realistic and achievable expectations

    During the course of our Investigation, we consider:

      1. Are we operating under the principles of Integrity, Accountability and Confidentiality?
      2. Are we pursuing our Client’s objective?
      3. Is the Information/Evidence we are gathering relevant and helpful to our Client?
      4. Are we managing our time and our Client’s budget wisely?


    Most private investigators do not drive around in a flashy red convertible or live in a posh island villa, but some of what you see on TV is certainly true. There are all sorts of reasons to hire your own PI, but the basic objective is always the same. No matter the context, the discovery of pertinent information is at the heart of every investigative assignment.

    To uncover relevant data, a variety of techniques are employed, including:

      • Databases, archives, and court records
      • Physical surveillance (video, audio or photographic)
      • Personal interviews
      • Social network mining