• Surveillance Investigations

  • Surveillance Work

    All surveillance assignments are handled in a confidential manner. Our investigators understand the need for surveillance to reveal the truth of a situation. You can be confident that our determination and attention to detail will get you the information that you need.

    Types of surveillance cases:

    • Home Surveillance
    • Insurance Claims
    • Workers Compensation
    • Personal Injury
    • Corporate
    • Workplace
    • Commercial Business
    • Employee
    • Security
    • Commercial
    • Internal
    • Residential and commercial construction sites
    • Activity Verification, Adults and Juvenile, Sales Calls
    • Family/Domestic
    • Child Custody
    • Suspected Criminal Activities
    • Industrial
    • Threat Assessments


    If you’re looking for a private investigator to perform general surveillance you’ve come to the right place!

    Call me for general surveillance needs related to:

    • Spousal infidelity
    • Employee misconduct
    • Identity theft
    • Insurance fraud
    • Alcohol or drug use
    • Sexual harassment
    • Probation violation
    • Stalkers or predators
    • Litigation support
    • Missing persons

    Video Surveillance

    Cameo Investigations surveillance techniques are unique but simple. We provide video footage of the assigned subject. We only use the latest state-of-the-art equipment. Discreet equipment like pager-cams, cell phone-cams, and other covert devices are utilized when needed. All of our surveillance vehicles are regular automobiles that blend in with other cars and trucks and do not have the typical “Surveillance Vehicle” appearance. Each video surveillance assignment is customized to meet the needs of YOU the client. A suitable investigator or team of investigators will be assigned based on the individual requirements of each and every case.

    Undercover Investigation Services

    Cameo Investigations undercover team is composed of individuals chosen from a wide range of ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. To be a successful undercover agent you must first be able to blend in to different surroundings. Second, you should have the ability to adapt to unexpected surprises. Third, you must be able to articulate what occurs daily throughout an assignment. Finally, staying focused is imperative to your case! An undercover agent is a person, firm, etc. empowered to ACT for another while acting or carrying out in secret.

    Insurance Fraud or Workers Compensation Surveillance

    If a claim is suspected to be falsified, our trained insurance fraud investigators will gather the required evidence to fight the claim. When dealing with an individual that is conducting insurance fraud, many of the same techniques used in domestic surveillance apply. It is crucial that you have a good video camera, one that can shoot in complete darkness when necessary. If you are dealing with a claimant that is stating that they have a bad back for example, then watch for them doing any lifting, playing golf, yard work etc., and get it on tape.

    Judges are human beings and they can make mistakes. Regrettably sometimes judges make mistakes when it comes to Child Custody. It is not abnormal for a Judge to award Primary Custody to one parent who might not essentially be the best guardian for the child. After divorce it is quite common for an individual to begin living a lifestyle that is careless and immature; in some cases the individual might engage in certain activities and/or behaviors that are harmful, risky, and even illegal. If you think your ex is engaging in activities that you feel could jeopardize the physical and/or emotional welfare of the child then you will need proof because the courts will not simply take your word for it.

    Cameo Investigations can inconspicuously follow your spouse or ex-spouse during their planned visitation to determine illicit or inappropriate activity while your child is in your spouses care. Our Investigators can also follow and videotape, your spouse or ex on their own free time to document and investigate their lifestyle, daily activities, living conditions and persons they associate with. Our agency may conduct a spouse criminal background check or obtain prior criminal history, background check, civil background search or other database record searches on the spouse to verify prior criminal histories, civil records, criminal records , wants and warrants, child abuse, child neglect, fraudulent claims, fraud claim, previous arrest records, domestic violence charges, former or current employment / employer, ex offenses, criminal activity , judgments , bankruptcy records or other similar misdemeanor or felony court house records.